VA STEAM on Miami VA Page

Heart Health Websites

Heart Association Website dedicated for women:

Heart Association Cardiac Risk Assessment. Remember to have your bloodwork handy when you use this took:
Click here for assessment

Additional Resources

Endocrine Society Menopause Map. This site will ask you questions which will help you determine which stage of menopause you are in and provide you with a list of questions to ask your doctor or healthcare provider in order to start the conversation on menopause:

The Miami VA Women’s Health Page:

The VA Move! Page. Here you can learn how to enroll and receive information on how to stay healthy and exercise using the VA health program:

The Myhealthevet page. You can learn about all the ways Myhealthevet can help you stay connected to your healthcare team, how to enroll, how to reorder medications, etc.:

North American Menopause Society iphone and ipad App. This tool helps determine treatment options (hormonal, non-hormonal, lifestyle changes) that can improve symptoms, determine risks for each treatment you may encounter, and how to discuss treatments and risks with your healthcare provider:
MenoPro App